Just Beyond Beginner Bridge 3

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In Just Beyond Beginner Bridge series 3, we will turn to learning play of the hand techniques to improve your chances of succeeding to make your contracts.

Some students learn to be great bidders, but what good does it do without your being able to create extra tricks needed to make your contracts?   In series 3, you will learn next level techniques to plan the play of the hand which is a critical step before putting down the first card.  In JBBB 3 you will not only become a better planner, but you will learn to do it quickly.  Duplicate bridge is a timed game, and you need to be able to formulate your plan in less than one minute. 

We will spend time learning to manage entries. This is an acquired skill, and with practice, you will learn to see the potential problems and their solutions before the first card is played. You must learn this or you will find yourself looking at cards that will win tricks but with no way to get back to that hand to take them.  

In JBBB 1 and 2, we focused on learning various game forcing bids and slam bidding. Those two series are not a prerequisite to series 3. You may enter the series even if you did not yet take series 1 and 2.

Often a class builds on previous ones. Don’t worry if you miss a session. I will give you access to good quality recordings, the hands and class notes (given in advance.) You will never fall behind.  

JBBB 3 is six lessons. When completed, you will have the opportunity to continue with more declarer play techniques in JBBB 4.

Use this course to solidify your declarer play skills. With practice, you will become a much better player than when you started.

Jeff Badler

Beginner/Advanced Beginner

$325 for 6-weeks, $295 with EASY PASS