Just Beyond Beginner Bridge 4

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Improving your declarer play skills

In Just Beyond Beginner Bridge series 4, we will learn more play of the hand techniques to improve your chances of succeeding in making your contracts.

In JBBB 3, we studied techniques of making the hands. Series 4 continues with the same concept.   It is critical to plan out your play before putting down the first card. In series 4, you will learn next level techniques to plan your play.   JBBB 4 will enhance your planning skills.

Imagine this scenario. You are the declarer in South’s seat with the A♠ and J♠ in your hand and you also have the K♠ and 10♠  in the dummy. You would like to try to do a finesse play to capture the Q♠. Which way to you go?  From North to South or South to North?  Or maybe you shouldn’t attempt the finesse play at all?   In series 4, you will learn how to analyze the hand and how it will help make your decision.

Often a class builds on previous ones. Don’t worry if you miss a session. I will provide you with good quality recordings, hands and class notes (given in advance.) You will never fall behind.  

JBBB 4 is six lessons. In this course you will improve your declarer play skills. With practice, you will become a much better player than when you started.

Jeff Badler

Beginner/Advanced Beginner

$325 for 6-weeks, $295 with EASY PASS