In-Person Bridge Classes

Don’t know your level? Take a look at how we sort our classes:

Advanced Beginner

As an Advanced Beginner, we will assume that you have at least been exposed to Two-Over-One bidding, know what a take-out double is, know the basics of both Stayman, and Jacoby Transfers. As far as defense goes, some knowledge of the different forms of defensive signalling is to be expected. Not much to be sure.


There is a fine distinction between Advanced Beginner and Low Intermediate. That fine line lies in how comfortable you are with playing out a hand and how firm a grasp you have of bidding basics. Time-wise, at least a six month’s solid exposure to Bridge would be considered a good rule of thumb. 

Strong Intermediate

You’ve been playing competitively for quite some time. You own most of your bids, you understand the three forms of defensive signaling, and can hold your own in competitive situations.