The Whole Megillah

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Course information: Online class

You’ll be bidding and playing lots of hands every session, and you will be the declarer in every hand. After trying on your own, I will play and explain each hand. The course includes lessons on preemptive bidding, utilizing 2 over 1, managing entries, avoidance plays, various doubles and slam auctions. Always something interesting.

Several times a year we will do very popular practice sessions for a few weeks. Learning one topic and practicing a specific technique is great. However, in bridge, you never know what is coming, so we have sessions that mimic a real game.

Declarer Play Kitchen Sink

You will play many hands as the declarer and you will need to figure out which technique(s) will help you to succeed.

Bidathons are always fun 

There are often different approaches to bid to the optimal contract. You may feel that you did everything right to reach game.  However later when you find out other teams bid and made slams, you realize you need to practice bidding. Bidathons help identify where your game needs assistance.

You will gain the confidence to get you ready for competitive duplicate bridge.

This class is intended for those who have completed the Beginner series or equivalent experience. Beginners and Advanced Beginner players will find this very helpful. 

The Whole Megillah takes place twice a week Mondays and Fridays 9-11 AM ET. There are different topics for both classes.

There is no commitment on your part. It is a pay as you go class. They will always fun and informative. Most students return every week. This class has been running continuously with a loyal following twice a week for more than three years, with no end in sight.

Use this course to really solidify your game and with practice, you will become a much better player.

There is an email that goes out every weekend that tells you the topics of the week’s Whole Megillah classes and contains the link to join. 

Jeff Badler

Beginner/Advanced Beginner

$45 per class, $35 with EASY PASS