Just Beyond Beginner Bridge 2

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In Just Beyond Beginner Bridge series 2, you will learn control bids. We discuss alternative game forcing bids to 2 over 1. Then we work on slam bidding.

You must also learn control bids in order to protect against inappropriate slam bids. There are several alternatives to 2 over 1 that should be in your bidding arsenal. Sometimes 2 over 1 is not the best option.  Other game forcing bidding techniques will all be explained in great detail in  “Just Beyond Beginner Bridge series 2.”  You will be introduced to new topics to bring your game to a higher level, and you will  practice bidding and playing hands with the new techniques you’ve learned.   

The JBBB series is taught in 6 week increments. Often a class builds on previous ones. Don’t worry if you miss a session. You will be provided with good quality recordings, hands and class notes (given in advance) so you will never fall behind.

Use this course to solidify your bidding. With practice, your bidding arsenal will become much stronger than when you started.

Jeff Badler

Beginner/Advanced Beginner

$45 per class, $35 with EASY PASS